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Web Hosting - How To Select A Host

No matter what your hosting requirements may be there are certain characteristics that any host has to have to be reliable enough for business.

They are as follows:

  • The host should go into at minimum two network backbones.

  • The host should have at least a T1 as their primary Internet connection. An OC3 or OC48 is better.
    The higher the number of these connections the better ie 48 is better than 3 since it indicates the size of the connection.

  • The host should keep their server in a network operations center (NOC). This center should have good physical security, a fire supression system and a backup generator.

  • Avoid servers in people's cellars, homes etc. because this is really not very secure. Think about the home being hit by a hurricane or other natural disaster. Most NOCs are like a cement bunker.

  • 24/7 phone support is disireable since it is all too easy for a host with only email support to ignore you when there is a serious problem.

  • Test the phone support before buying to make sure someone actually answers promptly. A voicemail that is never checked is about as useful as unanswered email.

  • Last but certainly not least run a search on any potential hosting company in Google and see what comes back. Good hosting companies have few if any complaints on the many web hosting board sites on the Internet. Do be careful of glowing reviews of hosting companies by site owners that have an affiliate link for that host in the review. They may just be trying to get to you sign up for that host to make money. That is more common than you may think these days.

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